Cheap Towing Service Near Me

Cheap Towing Service Near Me

You’ll probably need to call for a towing service at some point in your life. Cars are becoming more and more advance, but that doesn’t mean that accidents and vehicle breakdowns don’t still happen. When it comes to towing services, safety measures and response times are the most important aspects; you’re probably have so much on your mind already, you shouldn’t have to worry about being overcharged too. That’s why a cheap towing service is best– one that’s affordable and high-quality.

Towing is about helping you, not moneyCheap Towing Service Near Me

There are towing companies that take advantage of a customer’s situation by offering services at absurdly high prices at times when customers have no choice but to accept. That’s just not fair. The goal of a cheap and reliable towing company is prioritizing customer service over money.

That’s exactly what MR Towing Services does. After all, that’s what our job is: to help our customers out of a frustrating situation. No one wants their to break down in the middle of the road. You can’t avoid rpair costs, your day is thrown way out of whack, and you don’t know how long it’ll take for your vehicle to be in driving condition again.

Our job is to help get you from pont A to point B safely and help alleviate some of the stress created by the situation you’re in. In doing our job, we will protect the customer’s vehicle while it’s being transported from one place to the other.

The towing industry is competitive. Like any competitive business environment, businesses that offer quality products and services for lower prices tend to come out on top. Offering our services for high prices wouldn’t just hurt our customers, it’d hurt our own business. Make sure the towing company you call offers their services at reasonable prices!

What do towing costs cover?

  • Number of miles to and from
  • Hook-up fee
  • Type of tow truck needed
  • Storage fees (if applicable)

Sometimes people are unsure of what exactly goes into towing costs. You might’ve noticed, but towing companies don’t post flat rate charges on their websites. This is because every company charges differently depending on location and demand for services.

The distance to and location of your vehicle will always factor into the price. A tow company will offer a rate per mile, usually between $2.00 and $7.00. That might sound like quite a large range, but it all depends on which towing company you select.

From a cost standpoint, it might be better to have your vehicle towed to a nearby repair shop, even if it’s not the one you normally go to. MR Towing has built relationships with repair shops all across the DFW area. Reardles of where your car breaks down, whether it’s nearby in Plano or way out in Fort Worth, we’ll have at least one local shop to recommend.

The hook-up fee is pretty standard throughout the industry. It shouldn’t be any more than $100, but it’s normally closer to $50 for a cheap local towing service.

Furthermore, the type of tow truck needed for the job will also affect the cost. For instance, flatbed towing is more expensive than regular two-wheeled towing. Flatbeds are used for vehicles that have incurred severe damage. They are also used for expensive vehicles because they offer the most protection.

Lastly, drivers can be charged daily storage fees if they’re not picked up from the tow lot on time. You shouldn’t have to worry about storage fees if your car is taken directly to a repair shop.

Services in addition to towing

Despite popular belief, most towing companies in Allen, TX provide services that go beyond just towing. Here are a few of the different services MR Towing offers:


Car lockouts happen to the best of us. All it takes is one moment of forgetfulness, and everyone has plenty of those. Don’t worry, though. Just give MR Towing a call. We’ll send someone your way to help you get back into your vehicle within a few minutes.

JumpstartCheap Towing Service Near Me

If your car won’t start, but you don’t need it towed, we can bring jumper cables to help you get your car started so you can be on your way. Of course, anyone with jumper cables and a working car can help, bur MR Towing will ensure that the jumpstart is 100% successful. It’s always better to rely on the pros than a stranger. And, if your car battery turns out to be completely dead, we can tow your vehicle to a shop to have it replaced.

Tire Change

You may have the tools to change a flat tire, but that doesn’t mean that you know how to do it. Instead of strugglin on your own, call MR Towing for help. Just like we can jumpstart a battery without a problem, we can change a tire with no problem.

Gas Refill

It’s always a risk to push you car to its limit without refilling your gas. If you do happen to get stuck on the road without gas, we can get a full tank to you so that you can be on your way as soon as possible.

Essentially, our services cover every issue, big and small, that you can come across with your vehicle. It doesn’t matter to us whether you caused the issue or not. Our job is just to come and help you when you need it. We promise to handle the small issues with just as much care as we do the big issues.

Car Recovery

Cheap local towing includes trucks of all sizes, along with less common vehicles like RVs, motorcycles, tractors and box trucks.

Our fleet can handle any type of broken-down vehicle!

We always take the necessary safety measures to keep your vehicle safe during transport. Flatbed trucks have anchors to keep all four wheels locked in place. We can even cover your vehicle if you’d like. Depending on the weather conditions at the time of the tow, it might be something we have to do.

Flatbed trucks are used for long distance towing, because they are the best way to get a vehicle from point A to point B without being damaged further.

Local tows, on the other hand, can be completed by the wheel-lift tow truck or hook and chain tow truck. Anytime a tow involves lifting two wheels of the vehicle and keeping the other two on the ground, the distance will have to be a short one. The reason for this is that damage to the transmission and drive train can occur if the vehicle is transported in neutral with two wheels on the ground for an extended period of time.

MR Towing

Remember our name if/when you experience problems with your vehicle! One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for being stuck on the road with vehicle issues is saving the phone number of a trusty towing company to your phone. That way you’ll know who to call if you ever are stuck. Just call MR Towing at (214) 238-5134. We’ll be there to answer the call!

For more information, please visit mrtowingservices.com. You’ll be able to learn more about our towing practices and all that you can do to simplify a vehicle breakdown situation.

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