Accident Removal

How many times have you been slowed down by a car accident? You might not be directly involved in these accidents, but you’re stuck in enough resulting traffic to realize just how often a vehicle crashes into another. One day, you may be the driver or passenger in an accident, causing heavy backup on a road or highway. Wouldn’t you want to get out of that situation as quickly as possible? Here’s how you do it…

Health triumphs all

The top priority in any car accident is caring for any individuals who were injured. Any seemingly serious injuries need to be supported by an immediate 9-1-1 call. Any soreness or lightheadedness is typical of a car accident. Still, if you feel an on-scene medic is needed, put in a call to the ambulance. If you feel you can manage the injuries for a few hours, proceed to the next step in the accident removal process.

Assess the condition of the involved vehicles

You should have a feel as to whether your car is still drivable. Minimal fender-benders should enable you to drive your car to a nearby parking lot; thus, removing it from the main road and any oncoming traffic. You can exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver at the new location.

For collisions resulting in debris or leakage, it’s safer to avoid moving the vehicles. If it’s clear that your car is not drivable or if you do not feel comfortable attempting to drive your car, call a towing service. The quicker the call is made, the quicker the tow truck arrives, and the quicker your car is removed from the scene and placed safely at a repair facility.

An important note: It’s best to take photos of the damages to all vehicles involved before they are moved. Photos of where each vehicle ended up after the collision can be telling to police officers, liability adjusters, and attorneys. Depending on the circumstances, you may not have time or be able to take photos. But if you do, and if you can, take photos, as they can be impactful.

No need to worry about accident removalAccident Removal

Accident removal is one of the add-on services for most towing companies. The operators will do all they can to find every nut and bolt leftover. They’ll gather the parts and pieces and bring them along for the ride to your vehicle’s destination.

The accident removal and parts collection process is important as it could save you from having to pay for replacement costs. Replacing a car part is considerably more expensive than repairing one. If there’s a chance your car can be repaired with the same parts, make the most of that chance. The towing company can help make that happen.

Ultimately, cleaning up the accident is the quickest way to getting you and your damaged car out of an unfortunate, and likely embarrassing, situation. You’ll feel much better when you are away from the accident scene.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the involved parties can be charged for accident cleanup by emergency services. If the ambulance cleans up the accident, the medical center may eventually send you an invoice. The amount isn’t generally high; however, it’s an amount that you don’t want to be responsible for paying. Plus, your insurance company is unlikely to pay it if you send the invoice their way.

File a police report

Once things settle down a little, you might want to call the police so you can file a police report. If a report seems like a waste of time, think again.

The officer will speak to all persons involved—drivers, passengers, witnesses—to gain an in-depth understanding of what happened. He/she will then file a report documenting the information of all involved parties, along with a summary and model of how the collision occurred.

Police reports are very important in helping your case. Your insurance company will obtain a copy and use it as a valuable piece of evidence for your claim.

Most accident liability decisions benefit from a police report. They can be very helpful to the investigations of lane changes, intersection disputes, and multi-vehicle accidents. Really, the only time a report may not be necessary is for rear-end collisions or collisions that occur while one vehicle is parked. Those instances should be rather straightforward, not in need of an in-depth investigation.

Put the accident behind you

Those are the essentials to getting yourself away from an accident scene while covering all your bases and handling the situation with integrity.

To recap:

  • Call an ambulance if any serious injuries come about
  • Move the vehicles to a safe area if they are driveable
  • For a non-driveable vehicle, call a tow company to get your car to a safe location and to clean up the accident area
  • Have the police come out to file a report

If the police are not involved, be sure to exchange information with the other driver(s). Take a picture of the other driver’s drivers license, take a picture, or at least jot down the other driver’s insurance information and take a picture of the other vehicle’s license plate.

MR Towing Services

When you reach the towing step, give MR Towing Services a call! Our services are requested very frequently for accident clean up. The task is routine for us; therefore, we should have your vehicle on its way to a safe location in very little time. We do our job while staying out of people’s way. We’ll allow you to handle the other post-accident events while we load your car onto the truck bed.

For more information about our business, please visit mrtowingservices.com. Also, check out our blog for all sorts of additional information on handling auto accidents.

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