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When you think about the bigger investments you make in life, a car is certainly somewhere on the list. Whether you purchase new or used, the goal is to protect the investment so you can get the absolute most bang for your buck. Protective measures include rotating your tires every 10,000 miles, undergoing routine oil changes, and yes, having a local distance towing company at the ready.

As a general piece of advice, it’s wise to always have a plan of attack for life’s unforeseen occurrences. A vehicle breakdown falls in the “unforeseen occurrence” category, wouldn’t you agree? All it takes is a nail in the road or the fault of another driver to force your car to undrivability. Suddenly, your thoughts will scatter, in concern, anger, or both.

Something that would help simplify, and even calm your thoughts, would be knowing your car will be handled by a towing company that you can trust.

A reliable local distance towing company solves a few problems:

  • Your wait time will lessen. This is, of course, the amount of time you wait from your outbound phone call to the arrival of the tow truck.
  • You’ll have support. Quality towing businesses are trained to speak with upset customers. Whatever your emotions are as a result of a car breakdown, a tow representative should act not only as a helping hand, but also a helping voice.
  • Your vehicle will be in good hands. A towing service should always arrive with the right equipment for the task at hand. Nearby tows typically call for a hook and chain or a wheel-lift tow truck; however, vehicles that suffer significant damage may require a flatbed tow truck. Tow operators should know how to use all equipment.

All you must do is find a reliable tow company

Rather than scrambling at the worst of times, decide on a local distance towing company in preparation for the worst of times. It wouldn’t be a good idea for you to rush the decision when you’re stranded on the side of a road somewhere.Local Distance Towing

You’ll probably call the first phone number you see; thus, taking a chance on a company you are unfamiliar with. Whether or not you trust them will be determined only after the service is executed, which could be too late. And, if you don’t call the first number that you see in a google search, you’ll be picking a bad time to conduct your research.

Point being, the process will go a whole lot smoother if you do your research ahead of time, and when your mind is in a controlled state. Perhaps you are one to think quickly on your feet, but it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the unexpected (as we’ve touched on throughout).

Check reviews, visit websites, ask your friends…there are many resources at your disposal to make a good decision on a local distance towing service. Once you do your research, go with your gut! It’s not a life or death decision, but it’s certainly an important one. It will be worth your time even if you need help getting you and your car out of a bad situation just once in your life.

After you decide on a local distance towing company…

Pinpoint your preferred repair shop. Some work can be done on the spot, but there’s a good chance your broken-down vehicle will need to head to a repair shop. Some car owners must have work done at a specific shop, while others will rely on the suggestions of a tow company.

If you are the former, be sure to have the repair shop details to provide to the tow representative once he/she arrives. This information will be needed to confirm the tow and to ensure a smooth process for getting the car from point A to point B. Beyond that, the representative should not need much more than the location of your car and the year/make/model.

If you don’t have a specific shop in mind, it is important to understand that tow companies generally have a relationship with local shops. Any shops recommended to you should be recommended in good faith. Towing services become invested in the process of getting customer vehicles back to quality; repairs play a big role in that process. That’s why a quality towing service will go the extra mile in setting you up with a credible repair facility to undergo vehicle repairs.

(These tidbits are offered to you from our business perspective. We can’t speak for all towing companies.)

How much will you have to pay for a local tow?

Tow rates always depend on certain factors, distance being the primary one. That is, the distance a car is being towed, but also the distance the tow truck must drive to get to the car in the first place. Our operations focus on maintaining competitive rates with the rest of the industry. You won’t find us charging unnecessary rates or random rates.

Ultimately, we do not take advantage of customers or a customer’s situation. We know there are all sorts of towing companies in the area that can be called to assist. That’s why we show appreciation to customers who choose our services and we do our absolute best to prove to each customer that he/she made the right choice.

Customers will see consistent pricing; nothing that should catch them off guard. In addition, our representatives will explain each charge to ensure all parties are on the same page. We can only speak generally here. Only if you call in for a tow can we calculate the exact rates based on your vehicle location and destination.

MR Towing Services

If you take anything away from this, take away the fact that it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. So, save our business phone number in your phone somewhere and use it if you need to. Hopefully you won’t ever experience a vehicle breakdown, but, if you do, you know who to call!

For more information on our towing services, please visit our website, mrtowingservices.com. You can also check out our blog for additional helpful input on handling vehicle stalls.

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