Flatbed Towing

A tow truck may come in handy at some point in your life. Hopefully you never experience a vehicle breakdown, but avoiding one is often out of your control. If you are blindsided by a breakdown, have the phone number of a trusted tow company at the ready. The professionals will take it from there through one of several towing options, one of which is flatbed towing.

How does flatbed towing work?

There isn’t a whole lot to a flatbed tow truck. The bed is simply operated by a hydraulic system which raises, lowers, and sometimes even shifts the flatbed. A broken-down vehicle is either driven or pushed on to the tilted bed and is then raised and secured before the tow truck proceeds to the determined destination.

The flatbed tires are typically located in the center of the bed. Flatbeds purposed to transport multiple cars at once may even have wheels at the front, center and rear. Either way, there is always a set of tires at the center to support the vehicle(s) on board.

Flatbed tow trucks are meant to be manageable so they can get the job done in a diligent and timely manner. Both qualities are imperative to the execution of a quality tow. Tow operators want to be able to board the vehicle efficiently for both the customers’ sake and the business’ sake. The customer certainly doesn’t want to wait any longer than he/she must, and the business wants to get the current tow done so it can proceed to the next one.

When is flatbed towing necessary?

Flatbed towing frequents the following scenarios:

  • A car has to be towed a long distance. Perhaps it broke down in a desolate area, far from any repair shops. Or maybe the vehicle owner prefers his/her car be towed to a specific repair facility that happens to be a long way away.
  • A car suffers significant damage. Major vehicle accidents result in damages beyond the sheet metal. Thus, internal parts and wiring are exposed. Flatbed tow trucks better protect integral internal parts by keeping the vehicle securely in place, free from movement.
  • The car in need of a tow is high-end. Individuals with classic vehicles or luxury vehicles may request a flatbed tow to best protect their precious vehicles while being transported. Other towing options like hook and chain or wheel-lift can risk damage to drive trains and transmissions.

Again, it’s the most secure way to move your vehicle from one place to another.

What about flatbed towing pricing?Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing will be the most expensive of your options. It offers the most security and it requires the use of some of the more expensive equipment that exists in a tow company’s fleet. Because of the greater cost, it’s best you rely on a flatbed tow only if you truly need one. Base your decision on our aforementioned scenarios—long distance towing, severe damage to your vehicle, and damage to your high-end vehicle.

Sometimes a flatbed tow is the only option. Given a towing company’s primary responsibility of moving a vehicle from one place to another without further damaging it, the company will use whatever equipment is necessary to protect that responsibility. If that requires a flatbed, then that’s how they will have to tow your vehicle.

You also must consider gas mileage. No matter how big and strong a tow truck may be, they are still towing extremely heavy objects. Hauling multi-ton vehicles will without a doubt slow a tow truck down.

MR Towing Services

If you need any type of tow, give MR Towing Services a call. Our lot is always prepped for various types of tows for numerous amounts of customers. If your vehicle requires a flatbed tow, then that’s what will bring your way. You’ll be out of an uncomfortable, frustrating situation in no time!

To learn more about our many services, please visit our website, mrtowingservices.com. Also, check out our blog for all sorts of helpful towing input.

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