Winch and Recovery Service

Sure, you’ve seen vehicles towed before, but have you seen one towed by winch? Winching is not very common; it’s only necessary for specific vehicle struggles. We’ll detail when exactly a recovery and winch service is necessary, but first, let’s discuss what the term “winch” actually means…

What is a winch?

Winching consists of attaching a very strong and sturdy cable to a part of a vehicle undercarriage and then pulling the cable via an axel attached to a tow truck. The axel is typically controlled by a hydraulic system or is sometimes motorized.

So, once the cable hook is secured to the vehicle, it is pulled by the axel; thus, pulling the vehicle with it. The process is like reeling in a big fish with a fishing pole, only, in the case of winching, the cable is reeling in a multi-ton object.

You’ve probably seen a winch before, just without knowing what it was called at the time. Most tow trucks are equipped with a long line of thick cable that is rolled up and secured at the very front of the truck. The contraption takes up only a few feet of space (in length, width and depth), making it very convenient for tow operators.

All the operator has to do is grab the end of the cable, hook it to a safe part of a vehicle’s undercarriage and then let the hydraulics do its job in reeling the vehicle out of the bad situation it is in. The process shouldn’t take much time at all!

When is it necessary to use one?

Almost exclusively, winch service is used to remove vehicles from ditches or snow banks. So, here in Texas, really just the former.Winch And Recovery

Why is winch service the superior method to remove a vehicle from a ditch?

First, it’s easier to hook a cable that is running horizontally to the bottom of a vehicle than it is a tow chain that is running vertically.

Just think about it…

A car stuck in a roadside ditch will be at an awkward angle. Though, its front or rear wheels will be able to gain traction and roll out once they are tugged out of the stuck position or once momentum is on their side. Therefore, pulling the vehicle horizontally will be aided by the wheels once they gain traction. This makes for a quick and easy solution.

The traditional towing method would pull the vehicle upward and would not be aided by the wheels. The car would come straight up, creating a challenge for the tow operators to flatten it back onto the ground. It can be done; however, with more complexity than winching.

Is recovery and winch service safe?

On that same note, winch service puts less pressure on the vehicle than does traditional towing. Again, because it is helped in part by the wheels. Less pressure and less force mean more damage control. It’s a basic towing method, really—very difficult to screw up. At the hands of our professional towers, we can guarantee every vehicle will be removed from a ditch with no harm (besides the harm done by driving it into the ditch).

If the part of the vehicle that the chain is hooked to is secure and sturdy, there should be no issues completing a successful winch and recovery.

Winching is part of MR Towing Services Repertoire

MR Towing Services offers winching! Of course, if your vehicle has been driven into a ditch, you could probably care less which towing method is used, as long as it gets safely removed. It’s our job to determine which method is appropriate. Though, there’s a pretty good chance winching is the method we’ll deem appropriate.

It’s all about the customer. We want to carry out what’s necessary to protect a customer vehicle and to get a customer vehicle to a safe location ASAP. That’s why our staff is trained on how to use every type of tow truck and how to execute every towing method.

Keep MR Towing Services in mind in case you experience any car troubles and need a tow. In the meantime, feel free to visit mrtowingservices.com to learn more about our services. Also, you can visit our blog to gain additional input on towing exercises and safety.

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