Box Truck Towing

When we say we tow all types of vehicles, we mean ALL types of vehicles. That general statement includes box trucks. You probably won’t find yourself driving a box truck every day, but you’ll probably have to from time to time.

Next time you move or help someone move, for example. If you happen to have a bad luck day and the truck stalls, know that MR Towing Services offers box truck towing.

What qualifies as a box truck towing

You’ll know one when you see one. They are typically used to haul large or extensive objects, as evidenced by the large, spacious, square/rectangular chassis attached. As you’d imagine, box trucks are quite heavy, even when they’re not filled to maximum capacity. One can range from 14,000 pounds to 25,000 pounds (6.5 to 11 tons).

Thus, special equipment is needed for box truck towing. That special equipment comes in the form of a flatbed tow truck. In most cases, a box truck is too big to be towed via any two-wheeled towing method, such as the wheel-lift or the hook and chain.

A flatbed will provide adequate containment and security. The use of one is the surest way to avoid any further damage to a vehicle while being transported from one location to another.

A service you can rely on anytime

You can trust MR Towing Services to get the job done right, whether you are asking us to tow a Toyota Camry, a Ford F-150, a box truck, a camper or a tractor. We have the right equipment within our fleet and we train our employees for every towing job you can think of. We accomplish the four keys to a good tow, which are:Box Truck Towing

  • Availability
  • Customer service
  • Quick arrival
  • Safe transport

We are available to you

First thing is first, a towing company must be available. The customer phone call must be answered and the applicable tow truck must be prepared and ready to depart. Failing with either results in loss of business. When you call MR Towing Services, we answer! We also schedule and plan appropriately to ensure our tow truck supply meets our customers’ demands.

What was it that Woody Allen once said? “80% of success in life is just showing up”? That’s a big factor to success when it comes to towing, that’s for sure. We answer and we show up. Those two things get the tow off to a very nice start. From there, we get a car safely to its destination.

Our customer service is off the charts

The customer service aspect of a tow can often be overlooked. Receiving proper guidance and support may not seem vital as you read this from your couch, but you’ll likely value it when your car breaks down on a Tuesday in the middle of rush hour.

Our representatives will take your phone call and talk you through any frustration or concern. They’ll also offer a few quick tips in keeping you and your car safe while you wait for the tow truck to arrive. Once the tow truck arrives, our operators will waste no time in boarding, transporting and disembarking your vehicle at a repair facility or your home.

You won’t have to wait long

Of course, arrival time primarily depends on your location. The good news is our facility is in the heart of Dallas, which gives us ideal access to the many surrounding suburbs. We’re not far from Fort Worth, Plano, or Lewisville. Combine our central location with our preparedness and your tow truck should arrive in a very timely manner.

We won’t keep you in the dark or overpromise either. You’ll get an accurate ETA, and if any delays occur, we’ll call and let you know. We aim to keep you as in the loop as possible. After all, you and your vehicle are the primary concerns. You deserve to be updated and to know exactly how the towing process works.

Our end goal is to transport your vehicle safely

The truth is, we can do everything else we mentioned to perfection, but if your car suffers any damage as a result of the tow, we have not done our job. Now, in many cases, we’ll be towing a vehicle that has already sustained damage, typically from an auto accident.

A car which suffered significant damage is more difficult to tow because various parts could be loose both externally and internally. However, that’s one instance in which we will tow the car with a flatbed tow truck. Flatbeds are the surest way to preventing additional damage to an already damaged vehicle. We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to ensure efficient transport, regardless of whether it’s car towing, truck towing, or box truck towing.

When you rent a box truck…

Make sure you discuss with the rental company the protocol if the box truck breaks down. They may have a towing company that they are contracted with. That’s more than likely the case as they probably don’t want customers to take matters into their own hands with their rentals.

If they do not have a specific policy in place, feel free to call MR Towing Services for assistance. We can tow the box truck back to U-Haul (as an example) or work with them to take it to their preferred body shop. If you own a box truck, on the other hand, we hope MR Towing Services is the first call you make if you run into any vehicle problems that result in undriveability.

We know what we’re doing. We’ve been in the towing game for a long time and there isn’t a vehicle type that we haven’t towed! Nothing phases us; we’ll handle whatever tow comes our way like clockwork. You can count on it!
Please visit our website—mrtowingservices.com—if you would like to learn more about our services or company in general. Also, check out our blog for more information pertaining to handling car breakdowns.

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