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Denton Flatbed Tow TruckIn the realm of towing services, the role of flatbed tow trucks is indispensable. Whether it’s recovering a damaged vehicle, transporting a luxury car, or handling low clearance situations, flatbed towing offers a versatile and safe solution. Flatbed tow trucks are used to transport heavy vehicles from one place to another.

They’re also used for machinery that has type track mobility. When towing smaller vehicles, the track’s rear is attached to a bed that is hydraulically inclined to move to the ground level. This enables the vehicle to be set onto the bed a winch can pull it. Heavy machinery needs to be pulled onto the flatbed. This is a bit of a difficult task that must be handled by trained staff members. In Denton, one name that stands out for providing 24/7 best flatbed tow truck services is MR Towing Services.

Flatbed towing especially useful in the cases of vehicles that are difficult to lift upright. MR Towing Services offers our flatbed towing services 24 hours a day. We offer quick and reliable service to Denton and the surrounding areas. If your vehicle experiences a breakdown, our flatbed towing services ensure that your vehicle is transported safely without incurring any damage. MR Towing Service’s flatbed towing works well for both small and large vehicles. Our staff is well-qualified and highly-trained; they can transport your vehicle safely and easily.

Perks of MR Towing Services – Denton Flatbed Tow Truck

Many other towing companies employ middlemen to handle their calls which can lead to distortion of information, causing these companies to send out a crew with the wrong equipment, if a crew is sent out at all. When you call MR Towing Services, you speak directly with our staff, leaving little room for miscommunication. You can call us any time, day or night, 24/7.


Unlike some towing companies that impose charges for unnecessary services, MR Towing Services prioritizes transparency with our customers. Rest assured that with us, you will only pay for the services you genuinely require and receive. Our commitment to honesty and fairness ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with the assistance you receive, fostering trust and satisfaction in our towing services.

Experienced Staff

When towing a vehicle using a flatbed tow truck, all the wheels of the towed vehicle are lifted off the ground, which limits any damage that may occur. While a flatbed tow truck reduces the risk of damage, it all depends on how experienced the tow crew and tow truck driver are. Our staff and tow truck drivers are highly-qualified, so you can be at ease.

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