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A flatbed tow truck is a heavy duty truck that is used for that’s used to transport vehicles, particularly after vehicle breakdowns or accidents. Flatbed towing is crucial for carrying vehicles, station wagons and heavy machinery that have type track mobility such as dumpers, excavators, and bulldozers. For towing smaller vehicles, the track’s rear is attached to a bed that is hydraulically inclined to move to ground level.

This allows for the vehicle to be pulled onto a bed a winch can pull it. Heavy machinery must be dragged onto the flatbed; this part is a bit difficult and has to be performed by trained staff. MR Towing has experts in this field; we are the top providers of the Garland flatbed tow truck services.Garland Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed towing is important for towing vehicles that are difficult to lift. Our Garland flatbed tow trucks are useful for accident recovery services 24/7, throughout the year. Our Garland flatbed towing service is available in and around Garland; we offer rapid response for emergency recovery.

In the event that your vehicle breaks down and has to be towed to a mechanic, our flatbed tow trucks in Garland guarantee that your vehicle will not incur any further damage; it’ll be towed safely. Our flatbed tow trucks work well for all kinds of vehicles, including heavy duty vehicles, trucks, vintage cars and performance vehicles. Our team of experienced drivers will transport your vehicle safely and securely.

Benefits of Our Flatbed Towing Services

Most of the towing companies hire middlemen to take their calls, which allows for the message to be distorted and misunderstood, leading to inaccurate information being passed on. At MR Towing, you speak directly with us, which allows us to send the right staff with the right equipment to help you. You can ask for roadside assistance, anytime and anywhere.


Some towing companies charge their already-distressed clients for services they don’t even need. At MR Towing Services, the best flatbed towing provider in Garland, we only charge for services rendered; there’s no shady pricing because we are transparent.

Trained Staff

When towing a vehicle using a flatbed tow truck, all the wheels of the towed vehicle are lifted off of the ground, which limits any damages that may occur. A flatbed tow truck is a safer option as it reduces the risk of damage, but this all depends on the training and experience of the driver. Our drivers are highly experienced and certified, which guarantees that there will be no damage to your car.

 The next time you run into an issue with your vehicle and need help towing it, make sure to turn to the best Garland flatbed tow truck service company and give MR Towing Services a call.



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