5 Common Towing Questions, With Answers

5 Common Towing Questions, With Answers


If you’re a recent automobile owner, then you’ve probably had to call on a tow truck at least once or twice in your life. If so, you might have some towing questions about the process of calling on a tow truck, what goes into the process itself, and what are the best ways to prepare for it. A tow truck, or a wrecker, is a heavy-duty truck that is outfitted with specialized equipment to help assist in the removal of wreckage and other items from your vehicle. In this blog post we’ll be going over these common towing questions and the answers for them in detail!


What towing questions do you commonly get from customers?


5 Important Common Towing Questions - Mr Towing Services

1) When should I have my towing service?

-If you have a flat tire, loose wheel, or are stuck in the snow, it is best to go to a tow company immediately. It is not possible for a tow truck to get out of the snow, so they need to wait until that happens. In addition, if the car has broken down and there is no way it can be driven anywhere without serious risk to safety, you should go and get your car towed.

2) What types of cars can be towed?

-This question can often be difficult to answer because there are many different types of cars on the road. Each car manufacturer has different models that they make. Sometimes you’ll find that certain manufacturers’ models will only fit on certain trucks; other times you’ll find that you have to use a specific truck for the truck manufacturer. A good rule of thumb is that any car made by a mainstream manufacturer (Ford, Chevy) will fit into most trucks.

3) How long does it take?

-It takes about 15 minutes for a trained professional tow truck driver with standard equipment on their tow truck to locate your car and pull it from wherever it may be stuck.


The 5 most common towing questions and the answer

Towing question #1:

What is the most important part that needs to be kept in mind when towing a vehicle?

Answer: The most important part is the driver. In this situation, the driver is to be taken seriously because he or she has all the responsibilities.

Towing question #2:

What can a driver do to prevent getting into a tow situation?

Answer: Any careless driving habits must be avoided if at all possible. This includes speeding and running red lights. Also, resist the urge of going off road especially when traveling on gravel roads as this will make it more difficult for off-road recovery equipment to reach the vehicle.

Towing question #3:

What are some of the advantages of using a recovery truck?

Answer: A good recovery truck has significant advantages to being towed. Among these advantages include being able to reach areas that a normal tow truck cannot, as well as having faster than average response time when needed.

Towing question #4:

Can any vehicle be taken to a repair shop with one flat tire?

Answer: In most cases, yes. However, because of the risk involved, you should let someone know where, when and what time you plan to take the vehicle.

Towing question #5:

What are some of the different types of flat tires?

Answer: There are two primary types of flat tires: a puncture and a flat tire. A puncture is one or more holes in the tire that can be caused by many things such as nails, glass, rocks or any other hard objects that can penetrate into the rubber itself. A flat tire on the other hand is an actual hole in the tire that is punctured, which allows air to get into the tire. Although flat tires can be repaired, many times a flat tire has to be replaced because it simply cannot be repaired.


Tips for helping tow truck drivers

Towing is a process that involves the use of a truck to pull a broken-down car out of the road. Drivers should have their car towed if they break down because they don’t have time to get it fixed. However, drivers should be careful in case they run into problems while the tow truck driver is in their vehicle. They should ask the following towing questions before getting their car towed:

  • Who is the tow truck company?
  • Is it an insured company?
  • How much does a tow truck cost?
  • Are all drivers licensed and insured?
  • Where is the tow truck?
  • How long will it take to arrive?
  • Will the driver have a license so you know he or she is safe?
  • Are there any extra charges for damage to my car or if I need help getting out of my car?

It’s important for drivers to make sure their cars are safe during towing. It’s also important to make sure they know who they are getting their cars towed with. Do some research on the company and find out if they’re licensed and insured before you get towed. Remember that if you can’t pay for your car, the tow truck company will most likely not let you retrieve it until the next day. Call early, so you’re not waiting around all night!


MR Towing Services

MR Towing Services tows practically every type of vehicle you can think of. Our towing services include cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, box trucks, motorcycles, and tractors. If we can tow a tractor, you best believe we can handle the towing of your car!

We’re available 24/7. Anytime you need our assistance, give us a call. We know breakdowns and car accidents don’t have hours of operation—they can happen at the most random of times. That’s why we’re always available. Drivers and passengers shouldn’t be denied service because their car broke down at a bad time. Certainly, you would agree that there is no good time for a vehicle breakdown.

If you need a tow, a jumpstart, or maybe you need to get back into your car after you’ve locked yourself out, MR Towing Services is here to help! Call us today! 214-238-5134

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