What to Do When a Vehicle Flips Over

A vehicle flip is probably one of the scariest things you could in your car. If, unfortunately, you do experience a car flip, here are five tips to help you through your situation:

Try to Stay Calm

Best 5 Tips When Vehicle Flips Over - Mr Towing Services

Maintaining composure during a vehicle flip is undoubtedly a daunting task, yet it is absolutely crucial. Despite the inherent difficulty, keeping a level head becomes a necessity in such dire situations. Panicking, while an understandable reaction, can significantly impede your judgment and inadvertently expose you to further danger.

In order to enhance your chances of survival, it is imperative to resist the urge to panic and instead strive to remain calm and focused as the vehicle undergoes a flip. This deliberate effort to stay composed is not only for your immediate safety but also plays a pivotal role in optimizing your chances of navigating through the unsettling event with a clearer mindset, ultimately aiding in your overall survival.

Brace for Impact when Vehicle Flip

If you are in the driver’s seat, your first instinct might be to grip the steering wheel to brace yourself. However, as the car flips, the force of the impact will transfer from the tires to the steering wheel, so make sure you let go of the wheel as soon as you feel the vehicle rolling. The best way to brace for impact is to fold your arms across your body and use your legs to hold yourself in place. Also, be aware of your surroundings and stay away from the roof if the frame of the vehicle starts to collapse onto you.

Safely Exit the Vehicle

Once the car has stopped rolling, turn off the ignition as soon as possible. This will prevent any fires caused by possible gasoline leaks that may have occurred during the accident. If you smell gasoline or see any flames, exit the vehicle as quickly as possible and stay at a safe distance from it. As you exit your vehicle, be careful of broken glass or metal.

Call 9-1-1

In the aftermath of a vehicle flip, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of your passengers. Begin by checking on their condition and promptly dialing 9-1-1 if anyone requires immediate medical attention. Once the immediate health concerns are addressed, it is advisable to document the scene for future reference. Capture photographs that serve as tangible evidence of the incident; these visuals can be instrumental when filing insurance claims or potentially seeking legal assistance, especially if the accident resulted from external factors.

Additionally, reach out to any available witnesses to gather their perspectives and any pertinent information that might contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the vehicle flip. This proactive approach ensures a thorough response in the aftermath of such a challenging situation.

Contact a Reputable Towing Company

After you’ve contacted authorities, you’ll need to call a professional who can come and tow your vehicle. You’ll want a reliable and affordable towing company to help you to get through your situation. MR Towing Services specializes in accident recovery and assistance along with a variety of car issues like lockouts, gas burnout, driving hazards and their repercussions, tire changes, and much more. Customers have provided glowing reviews about our prompt service, professionalism and friendly staff.

When you need help during a trying experience like this, don’t hesitate to call MR Towing Services at (214) 238-5134, any time, 24/7. One of our staff will come to help you.

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